Wraggle Taggle Ceilidh Band

Wraggle Taggle Tunes

Wraggle Taggle have an extensive repertoire of traditional tunes. There wouldn't be space to list all the tunes we might do, there's literally thousands in the tradition. Here's a few favorites:

Arkansas Traveler:
Ashokan Farewell:
Athole Highlanders:
Blackthorne Stick:
Blarney Pilgrim:
Boys of Bluehill:
Calliopie House:
Cliffs of Moher:
College Hornpipe (Sailors Hornpipe):
Cup of tea:
Dashing White Sergeant:
Dingle Regatta:
Donnybrook Fair:
Drowsy Maggie:
Duke of Perth:
Dusty Windowsill:
Earl's Chair:
Fairy Dance:
Farewell To Erin:
Flowers of Edinburgh:
Golden Keyboard:
Gravel Walks:
Hag at The Churn:
Haste to the Wedding:
High Reel:
I'll buy boots for Maggie:
I wanna be near you:
Irish Washerwoman:
Jig of Slurs:
Keel Row:
Kid on the Mountain:
King of the Fairies:
Lark in the Morning:
Maggie in the Wood:
Maguire & Patterson's:
Maid behind the Bar:
Margaret's Waltz:
Marie's Wedding:
Martin Wynn's No 1 & No 2:
Mason's Apron:
Merry Blacksmith:
Miss McLeods:
Mountain Road:
Musical priest:
My Love is but a Lassie yet:
Nine Points of Roguery:
Off to California:
Orange & Blue:
Otter's Den:
Over the Moor to Maggie:
Pinch of Snuff:
Planxty Irwin:
Rakish Paddy:
Rattling Bog:
Red Haired Boy/Little Beggarman:
Rights of Man:
Saddle the Pony:
Sailor's Bonnet:
Sally Gardens:
Scotland the Brave:
Sean Ryan's:
Si Bheag Si Mhor:
Silver Spear:
Skye Boat Song:
Sligo Maid:
Soldiers Joy:
Spanish Lady:
Spider in the Bog:
St Anne's:
St Bernard's Waltz:
Star of Munster:
Statten Island:
Swallows Tail:
Tam Linn:
The Rose Tree:
Toss the Feathers:
Tripping up the Stairs:
Trumpet Hornpipe (Captain Pugwash):
Turkey in the Straw:
Wise Maid: